Lisa Tsering

Writer, editor, film critic

San Francisco Bay Area

Lisa Tsering

Writer and editor


Tips From Celebrity Fitness Guru Ramona Braganza

“Everything, to me, begins in your mind. We are all created equally. We all have a chance at life to decide to do something or not to do something,” explains fitness star Ramona Braganza.
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A High-Tech Way to Track Infant Health

The sturdy plastic Khushi Baby pendant holds a small near-field communication chip that stores vaccination and health records for infants in the developing world.
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Star Diagnostician Dhaliwal Knows What Ails You

In his journey to becoming one of the country’s most admired diagnosticians, physician Gurpreet Dhaliwal has utilized years of training, online tools, a computer-caliber memory and good old-fashioned gut instinct.
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Lisa Tsering

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